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Vivid Seats is one of the fastest-growing marketplaces for fans to buy or resell tickets to their favorite sports, concerts, and theater events nationwide. Founded in 2001, Vivid Seats was created out of a genuine love for attending live events along with a mission of reinventing the ticket purchasing experience of an inefficient industry. Today, Vivid Seats is a clear leader in providing value—our unique approach delivers full consumer protection at discounted prices.
VividSeats.com is committed to delivering safety, peace of mind, and satisfaction to our clients. Our customers' trust is our top priority. Please click on the link to read about our 100% Buyer Guarantee.
SHN and VividSeats.com strongly discourage customers from buying from ticket scalpers or online from unverified sources. Not only is there no guarantee of ticket authenticity, but there is also no accountability or further recourse should the tickets prove to be invalid. All tickets for sale on VividSeats.com are from professional ticket resellers as well as pre-screened individual sellers to ensure that we provide our customers with authentic tickets.
While VividSeats.com strongly recommends buying tickets to an event as early as possible, they are able to provide tickets to events up to an hour before the event begins. However, bear in mind that as an event approaches, ticket availability will frequently decrease. VividSeats.com operates on the secondary ticket market, and tickets can be sold at prices above face value. VividSeats.com suggests that all customers purchasing tickets within 24-hours of the event also read about their Special Delivery Services.
On the top of every page on VividSeats.com there is a search box. Simply type the name of the performer, team, or venue in the search box, then click "Search" and a list of events will be displayed. Once you find your desired event click "buy tickets" and all available ticket selections will be displayed. If VividSeats.com does not have tickets for a specific performer/team immediately available, you have the option of providing us with your email address so that we can alert you when tickets become available.
The various ticket listings on VividSeats.com come from a multitude of sellers located across the United States and Canada. Because different ticket listings can come from completely different sellers, they cannot ship together and must be ordered separately.
The VividSeats.com Sales Terms and Conditions state that all sales are final.
No. VividSeats.com cancellation policy specifically states that All Sales are Final and refunds are only given for canceled events that are not rescheduled or postponed. It is the customer's responsiblity to contact Vivid Seats should an event get rescheduled and new tickets are needed to gain entry.
Yes. If an event is canceled without being rescheduled a full refund minus the cost of shipping will be issued once tickets are returned to Vivid Seats. Our customer has 14 days from the date of notification that the event has been canceled to return the tickets to Vivid Seats to qualify for a refund. Please ship the canceled tickets back to the address below using a secured courier or certified mail. Once tickets are received by VividSeats.com they will issue the refund.
No. Through VividSeats.com, there are no refunds or exchanges. All sales are final. However, VividSeats.com encourages customers to list unwanted tickets for sale on our website using the "Sell" option found in the upper right hand corner of the homepage.
Because a majority of tickets are sent directly from the sellers and are never in VividSeats' possession they are unable to guarantee exact seat locations. For example, if you purchase two tickets from a set of 8 tickets we cannot guarantee which two of the eight tickets the seller will send. In addition sellers may decide to not disclose exact seat locations because they are linked to the seller's identity. Requiring the sellers to disclose actual seat numbers would reduce the number of available tickets for our customers to purchase. VividSeats does guarantee the tickets that you purchase will be for side-by-side seats unless otherwise specified in the descriptive ticket notes.
VividSeats.com guarantees the tickets that you purchase will be seated together unless otherwise specified in the descriptive ticket notes. It's nevertheless important to note that some tickets may not appear to be together when they actually are indeed consecutive. For example, some venues (especially theatres) label seats in odd or even groups rather than using consecutive numbering. One side of the venue may contain only odd or only even numbered seating, for example. This results in seats (eg. Numbers 2, 4, 6 ?etc) that appear to be separated but that are actually together. If you should have any inquiries or concerns regarding location of your seats do not hesitate to contact our customer service team at 800.501.9983.
This means that the seats are located in back or in front of each other. For example, 1 ticket in the Orpheum Row A Seat 1 and 1 ticket in the Orpheum Row B Seat 1 is considered a piggy back set of tickets. The term piggy back is used to distinguish between side by side seats and will be listed in the ticket notes if applicable to any listing.
When Vivid Seats sellers create their listings for tickets, they establish the quantities which may or may not be selected. A seller may do this to avoid remaining with a single ticket which is often difficult to sell. The industry standard is to sell even sets of tickets as even batches (e.g. Sell 2, 4, 6, or 8 tickets from a set of eight), and odd sets in odd batches (e.g. sell 1, 3, 5, or 7 tickets from a set of seven). If the desired number of tickets is not available to purchase through VividSeats.com feel free to contact us directly and we will work to obtain the necessary number of tickets.
VividSeats.com is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets. They strongly recommend that customers protect all tickets as they would cash. Their Sales Terms specifically state that "Lost or Stolen Tickets will not be replaced under any circumstances." In some cases they may be able to have the tickets reissued or re-emailed. They will always attempt to contact their sellers to get the lost or stolen tickets reissued but are not held liable if the sellers are unable to do so. Tickets are the sole responsibility of the ticket purchaser.
The name on the ticket is simply the name of the original purchaser. All E-Tickets are completely transferable and the attendee's name does not need to match the name on the ticket. Rest assured that all tickets sold on VividSeats.com are always valid and authentic and covered by our 100% Buyer Guarantee.
Tickets received are guaranteed to be identical, comparable, or better than the tickets specified in the order. The determination of what constitutes a comparable or upgraded ticket is at the sole discretion of Vivid Seats. If the tickets are unsatisfactory, VividSeats.com will investigate the matter and determine whether or not the tickets are comparable or better. If it is determined that the received seats are not comparable or better, then VividSeats.com will either:

a) provide the buyer with a replacement set of tickets that is comparable or better than the tickets agreed to in the order.

b) request that the received tickets be returned to our office and issue a refund to the customer upon arrival of the tickets.
Yes, the service charge covers the cost of all company operations required to provide premium inventory to sold-out events. Specifically, it pays for: finding and listing thousands of valid and authentic tickets to thousands of different events nationwide; premium customer service, including our in-house call center staffed with representatives over extended business hours; all website maintenance, operations, and technological improvements; and all operations costs to coordinate safe and secure delivery of ordered tickets to our customers from thousands of ticket resellers. VividSeats.com determines this service charge based on a number of factors that affect the cost of operations.
No. Every order must be placed with a single debit or credit card, or by using PayPal.
At VividSeats.com, they will always ship tickets via FedEx unless FedEx delivery is not possible - in these cases they will employ Special Delivery Services.

All tickets sent via secured courier FedEx require a direct signature upon delivery.

Please bear in mind that the selected delivery method will not always reflect the timing customers can expect to receive their tickets. Tickets for events that are months away may not have been printed by the box office yet. In these cases, the shipping date is entirely dependent on when the ticket sellers have the tickets "in hand" and then ship the tickets.
From your account, click the "Resend Tickets" link from the order widget for the specific event you need your tickets for. Another email will be sent to the email used to make the purchase.
VividSeats.com will always attempt to deliver the tickets to our customer via secured courier (FedEx). If this is no longer an option, due to time constraints or other factors, we will employ Special Delivery Services. Orders which require these services are known as "Special Deliveries." Depending on the type of ticket that is ordered, the tickets could be delivered using one of the following methods:

E-mail - Tickets can be E-mailed to customers. Tickets that can be emailed will have an "E" icon to the left of the ticket listing.

Will Call - This is when the tickets are held at the venue for the customer to pick up at the box office window.

Local Pickup - For this delivery method, our customer would meet with an affiliate at a predetermined location within a manageable distance of the venue to collect the tickets.

Paperless Ticket Pickup - In order to obtain Paperless tickets, customers must meet with an affiliate and be escorted into the venue. This delivery would be coordinated between the customer and one of VividSeats.com's experienced ticket agents.

All of these Special Delivery Services will incur a fee with the exception of tickets marked for electronic delivery. This fee covers the costs for coordinating an alternative, last minute delivery service. This service includes converting tickets to email tickets, setting up tickets at the Box Office, or coordinating a convenient pick up location. Rest assured that this delivery method is always covered by the VividSeats.com 100% Buyer Guarantee.